Best of the Best Series

imageI have picked up quite a number of these little cookbooks over the years.  This was my most recent acquisition, the California edition but these books are published for most states (some states have multiple volumes), but in some cases they are regional (like for the Midwest).  They pretty much cover the entire country.  For my collection, I generally prefer cookbooks older than 1980, and these are much more recent than that but I still buy them when I see them.  Why?


  1. They are tremendous resources.  The second picture is from the source listings in the back … each source book of any included recipe is provided, including a picture of the cover.  Although I do browse the recipes, I spend more time browsing these source listings looking for rare, older cookbooks I might want to find.
  2. Still, if you are just starting out collecting or are interested in regional favorites, keep an eye out for these.  They give you selections of great recipes from a wide variety of localities.  I think it would be a fun series to collect.  I forget how many I have, probably about ten … so I’m well on my way.


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