Fall Forward!!!! So how about some Fall-ish Recipes?

Okay, sometime yesterday we slipped into Fall.
When I lived in Texas we’d jump for joy because that meant highs were dropping to only the lower 90s most days.  Here in NC it isn’t quite that bad … but so far the weather has been enjoyable.
In a previous post I mentioned being interested in a recipe I saw for Cranberry Pie.  I had just showcased another cookbook several days earlier that had ONLY cranberry recipes so after posting yesterday I decided to check that one out too — you know, I did a little cross training.
In the meantime, a reader on the Facebook version of this blog suggested I post recipes from the cookbooks I talk about.  It’s a good idea but because of format variations, not to mention the fact that recipes are hard to type up, I’m still trying to figure out an easy way to do that.  This is one experiment to that end.
SO, in honor of it being the first full day of Fall, I thought I’d give you some versions of Cranberry Pie recipes from these two recently highlighted books.  It’s a slippery slope, because I found other recipes too!  Where does it end?  I want to entice and amuse, not become a cookbook publisher.  (or a copyright infringer — please consider this free advertising).
IMG_4474The Cranberry Connection came straight out of the bogs of Nova Scotia, complete with hundreds of tried and true cranberry recipes. The book lists FOURTEEN cranberry pies of different types, but only one called simply Cranberry Pie.  While looking at the table of contents, a different version caught my eye called Cranberry Church Pie .. here are photos from the book of both recipes.  Be sure to read the note wrapped around the Mock Cherry Pie recipe.  I left that one in because of the note.  I could have cut it off, but nothing irks me more than a partial recipe. Like when you get a recipe that has been cut out of a newspaper or magazine and you turn it over and say, “wait a minute, this other one looks even better but half is missing!”
Essex County Cooks was showcased in yesterday’s blog.
This cookbook features full-frontal New England cookery so the recipe pretty much has to be authentic.
Below, you will find a photo of the Cranberry Pie recipe from this book and I’m adding a second recipe just to be fair …  since I included three from Cranberry Connection.  Note, it is for THE birthday cake from the school.  Not “a” birthday cake … it is “THE” cake.  The note on the recipe explains, thus making it noteworthy.    Well, I thought it was cute.  I’m not arguing with the lunch lady.
These photos are straight out of the books so don’t blame me if there are problems.
Both books are 40-ish years  old so clarifications are probably not going to be forthcoming.
They look pretty good to me though.
I am now sort of leaning toward the Cranberry Church Pie but I’m wondering about THE birthday cake as well.

One thought on “Fall Forward!!!! So how about some Fall-ish Recipes?

  1. A reader pointed out that the noteworthy “note” mentions brown sugar and neither recipe uses it. Hah! That is what makes it so noteworthy!
    I’m guessing it was an exercise in basic cranberry theory.


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