Top Selling Community Cookbook!

I got a little backed up today, so I am just posting a quick entry.

We can call this my Throwback Thursday post.


I just pulled this book off a handy shelf today.  If you browse used bookstores you’ll come across this one quite often because, well, because they printed and sold a heck of a lot of them.
River Road Recipes was first published by the Junior League of Baton Rouge Louisiana in 1959.  My copy is a reprint from 1966 … I pick them up every time I see them trying to find a first edition but  this ’66 edition is the earliest I’ve found.   Mint condition too and I feel fortunate to have it.  This book is, I think, STILL in print.  They almost need to add an extra copyright page on newer editions, they cram in so many different  printings.  I have been told that it is the best selling cookbook in Junior League history.  And that is saying something because there are a LOT of Junior League cookbooks out there. .

I like Junior League Cookbooks.  They are very professionally done, and they give a good cross-section of America, one region at a time. Each group tries to offer something special.  Many groups have put out a number of different cookbooks.


Given that this one is from the heart of Louisiana, I’ve included a blurb they wrote about gumbo along with two gumbo recipes. I love gumbo.  I think I’ve said that before.  I think I’ll say it again.  
I love gumbo! 


Just to fill out this quick post, I  pulled another recipe at random

This Treasure Cake seemed to fit the bill.  Not quite sure why they call it that — oh, I see, it has a layer of icing baked into the cake  Mmmmmm.

Not much else to say about River Road Recipes since I would not be inclined to make fun of it.
If you see it, buy it. It is a good cookbook.

If you find a 1959 edition, send it to me.


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