Who Knew?

imageEvery now and then I come across a book that I just know is rare.  The Fisherman’s Cook Book by Paul Lorck Eidem is one of those.

For one thing, the author is Norwegian and although it is an English edition, it was published by a Swedish publisher and printed in Norway.  Paul Lorck Eidem has some fame in Norway as a children’s author and he has also written non-fiction books about the Nazi occupation.  Go ahead, looking him up!

I know all of this because I was feverishly standing in the stacks trying to get enough of a cell signal to look the book up because, unfortunately, the Swedish publisher didn’t seem concerned at all with putting a date in the book.  You know something is rare when you have trouble finding a simple thing like publication date, even when you are driving the information superhighway.   Finally, I found an old entry from a vintage book dealer that listed it as 1975.  I had actually found a French edition with that same date listed so that is good enough for me.


I figure a guy who grew up on a Norwegian island had a good start on learning to fish and knowing how to cook what he catches.  The book is small, about 100 pages, but it is packed full of practical information about all kinds of fish, both saltwater and freshwater.  And it is a wonderful looking book as well.  The first thing that attracted me was the brown canvas along the binding, which seemed a quite fitting and rustic feature for a book about fishing and fishermen.  “Cool quality” I’d call it.  It is full of impressive color pictures …

image… and the food photography is engaging.  I’m getting hungry just looking through the book while writing this.


The information is concise and informative.  Look at this little page on smoking fish.  The book is full of interesting and factual tidbits.  It does have recipes. but I would say it is more about techniques than recipes …


… but here is one … who can think of Norwegian fisherman without thinking of Pickled Herring?

Not commercial prepared pickled herring,  dear readers, you can actually pickle your own herring!   My stomach growled at the picture … and I’m not even sure I have ever even eaten pickled herring.

This one is going on the “good” shelf.  Well, one of them, anyway.


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