Blog Hop – Holiday Cookbooks?

Welcome to my Holiday Blog Hop contribution.
Christmas and Cookbooks.  It’s quite a combination, isn’t it?
For this Christmas season, I thought I’d give away a cookbook!  Info at the end of this post. 
But first, I need to finish up this blog entry.  This is, after all, a blog about cookbooks, right?
I just pulled out the first Christmas Themed cookbook I came across on one of my random shelves.  It didn’t take long because there are a lot of them.
imageHoliday Flavors and Favors was a publication of  the Greensboro, NC Junior League.  This copy is a 1985 reprint of a 1975 publication.  It is unusual in that it is such a small informal Junior League offering.  I’m not sure I have another Junior League cookbook quite like it.
Small as it is, it has a quite a number of recipes, most with a holiday flair.
imageAnd we mustn’t forget “and Favors” in the title.  They have gift ideas.  If you lived in the 60s and 70s, who can forget the gift of “Russian” Tea?   It isn’t really Russian … it’s more like Astronaut Tea because the main ingredient is Tang.  But it was easy to mix up, is actually quite refreshing, and when packed in a hinged jar with a rubber seal it makes an attractive gift.  There was a similar “gift” Hot Chocolate Mix recipe on the same page so I just left it in there as a bonus.  Hmmm, a hot chocolate mix with hot chocolate mix as an ingredient.  Sort of like Hamburger Helper Helper I guess.
For appetizers, I selected Curry Dip and Chili Cheese Log.  Both were just a little different so i thought they’d be fun inclusions.
The Strawberry Congealed Salad was a surprise for me.  It is almost identical to a recipe my wife’s family has made for many decades.  In fact, the only difference I see is the addition of unflavored gelatin and I can tell you, this is a great idea.  The salad is very festive, Christmasy they call it on the page.   The way I’ve always made it, the first few spoonfuls maintain structural integrity, but it starts to loosen up a bit after you get about halfway into it.  A little more gelatin would just about do it.
The Chicken Broccoli  Casserole is pretty much a buck basic quick fix casserole with a cream soup.  Well, except for the inclusion of mayonnaise.  A nice flavor touch that probably goes nicely with the curry powder.  I’ve seen chicken casseroles with either ingredient but not both.  And I’ve seen similar recipes topped with bread crumbs or even potato chips but not with dressing crumbs.  I think I’ll make this one myself during the holidays when I need something with little fuss for people to nosh on.
Okay, we’re down to cookies … and I’ve included two.  Cathedral Windows are a mainstay in our house.  Sadly, I can’t find really good colored marshmallows around here … usually have to let pastel colors suffice.  But they are quite impressive and very good.  I’ve never made Kris Kringles but … they look great and, hey, you can’t get much more Christmas than that.
To help us all celebrate the season, I’m hosting a cookbook giveaway!
imageI know some of you prefer celebrity cookbooks but I’m all about unusual collectible cookbooks so I found a mint condition copy of Don’t Fill Up On The Anitpasto  by everybody’s favorite — Tony Danza!
Okay, sure, it is a little off the wall but what do you expect from That Crazy Cookbook Guy?  It is a delightful book.
Leave a reply below.  (Facebook users please go to the wordpress site to leave your comment) … one entry per person, please.  I will select one lucky person at noon Wednesday December 9 and I’ll post the winner’s name tomorrow.
Please go to the blog hop central link and find other giveaways, including one for a copy of my novel The Fever … that’s a different hop.

Happy Holidays!

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10 thoughts on “Blog Hop – Holiday Cookbooks?

    1. Sorry for the tardy reply … didn’t want to mess up my contest count! It has something called Sunday Sauce … I think that is probably what you were thinking about.


  1. I love Tony Danza, and I love compilation cookbooks – even though I don’t do much of the cooking in our house. And yes, I made “Russian Tea” for gifts one year! Nice blog.


  2. Sounds like a great giveaway. I have always liked Tony Danza. I’m sure there are some interesting recipes to try. Nice blog.


  3. I actually collect cookbooks and have lots of antique ones that are so fun looking through and reading the recipes. I have several boxes of antique cookbooks I have picked up at yard sales, flea markets, consignment shops, thrift stores, etc.


  4. Sounds like a very interesting and unusual cookbook! My husband would love this one for Christmas! Thanks for having a giveaway.


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