A Cautionary Tale

Maybe that should be cautionary tail.  You’ll see why later.

I’m working on some new posts.  I moved some boxes in a spare room the other day and found some tubs of cookbooks I had stuck in there a couple of years ago.  It was like opening a time capsule!   Don’t get me wrong, I have no shortage of cookbooks to write about, but it was almost as exciting to find these books as it was to buy them in the first place.

Anyway, back to the warning.
Many of you will be making Christmas cookies in the next two weeks.  For us, in our tiny kitchen, that means bowls and ingredients and cookie sheets are all over the place.  Cats, as we all know, love to be in the middle of everything.  They think to themselves, “Those big funny-looking cats are fiddling with stuff … I had better check this out right away!”

imagePlease, remember to put the cat out FIRST. 


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