Huevos Rancheros Especial

 I came up with the idea for this dish in my novel, The Fever.  It was a gooey, cheesy, combination of enchiladas and eggs.

My friend, Hilah, over at the Hilah Cooking YouTube channel, decided to do me one better by not only making it, but improving it.

Check out her video:

Then … go buy my book to find out what it’s all about.

There are nineteen good reviews over at amazon, and, hey, I’ve only got three sisters and almost no, friends so somebody’s got to like it, right?


One thought on “Huevos Rancheros Especial

  1. Oooh I’ll have to check it out! I loved that bit in the book – my husband would LOVE that meal. Maybe now I can make it for him sometime 🙂

    Another good review will be up on Amazon soon… SO sorry I’m a review-writing slacker lately!


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